One and the same…..

I am the darkness, but I am also the light.  In one context I am tall, but in another i am small.  My presence in an intimate setting has the power to overwhelm, yet in terms of the universe this power pales to seem insignificant in comparison.  I am unique, yet the same.  I may be alone, but I am one of millions.  Seperate from the earth, yet completely connected at the same time.  Distinctions can not be made, there is no reality which is simply black and white.  Glorious technicolour with many speckles of grey.  I see nothing, yet my visions are immense.  I study the phenomena which is human life – therefore I am subject and object – I am the phenomena, we are existence.  My reality will never be a carbon copy of another’s.  Are things only real because we believe them to be so?  Perceptions differ, pre-conditions taint my view.  Warned not to judge, yet you ask for an opinion – tell me the importance of possessing strong convictions.  At this point I falter, for I have none, but many changing.  I am, to many, full of contradictions.

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