Day out walking….


The Rock which sticks two fingers up to the moody clouds….


A perfect view for enjoying a hot flask of coffee….

Blisters on the toes
A strangely sunkissed nose
At least three seasons
In one little day
The countryside
A favourite I say…
Venture off the path most walked
Breathe in the view
Please don’t talk
For peace I love
Sounds of nature
The wind whipping threw the trees
The eeriness of silence
Is where I love to be
Watching the grass
And it’s windy dance
The trickle of water
Over rocks
The gateway to heaven
Forever unlocked…..


Sometimes I wish I was there
Not just looking at a picture
If I could dive into the screen
I would….
Today tears fall
My skin crawls
Today I want nothing at all
I fall
Silently I call
This isn’t where I am supposed to be
The misfit shape
The wrong jigsaw piece….
Create space
I suffocate
No longer believe
Struggle against a tide
This wave
No board to ride
Under the white swell
My head bangs off the hidden rocks
Here I fell
I’m not supposed to be here
It feels like hell….
Sometimes I wish I was actually there
Absorbed within the atmosphere
The colours
The smells
The rhythm of the tongue
A soulful song
With simple conversation
The passion and excitement
Pupils dilation…
If I could jump through the screen
I would
Dissappear into a photograph
If I could…


False nations, fake response….Or would that be reaction?

For the sky is true

the moon and the stars

flower filled fields and trees of the brightest green hue

authentic in their beauty

their light

this is true….

So how are you? Como estas?

I’m ok, you say, fake smiles yet eyes brimming with tears?

No lies, be true

Bien, Y tu?

No! No muy fatale!

Say this, if this be true…

Drop the mantra

no need to cling

to false positivity

embrace the entire spectrum of emotions

this is not bipolar

simply what it is to be….



If we are finite

what are we

simply existence

existential beings


Feeling everything

and yet feeling nothing at all

pull in close

curl up into a ball

The light shines into the night

the sky in pure darkness

but the stars shine bright

we are limitless

yet imprisoned within our self made cages

spread your wings

and reach

the butterfly soars high

carried by the wind


disappearing into the clear nights sky

Nonsense and the rain

And then the rain began to fall

heavy and loud

with the wind a whisper

a call

it was the yin to the suns yang

bringing a cool breeze

a gray haze

the perfect end to this particular Saturday..

I lay and I listened

eyes half open

breathing in the cigarette smoke

not regretting a thing

still laughing at the private in jokes

another toke

as i philosophize

life is

no longer willing to generalise…

Truth or lies?

We are told to tell the truth

for to lie we are despised

there is proof…

But the truth one does not wish to hear

so we are forced to lie

through fear…

Speak the truth

even if I do not like what I hear

I will always be happy

because it is the lies

which I fear……

As a parent, the most valuable wisdom I can pass onto my child, is that to speak the truth is the most important, and not my truth, not my ideals, not what I want to hear, but the actual truth as it is to my child…



Funny how things change.

seriously, we say this

not realising that we are deranged

Of course things change

the beauty of life

to remain the same


in fact

be very strange…

Last year

these sounds I detest

this moment

right now

they sound simply



How strange

we continually change

never to remain the same….

I love change……….

One Step

All journey’s begin with one step
no matter if that step
is big
or small
be it mighty
or maybe tall….

the roaches 2

Let all be
just as it is
allowing to develop
in its own sweet time
my wish to be yours
and you to be mine
but not as a possession
just to hold
be it for a lifetime
or maybe for now
or until we are old
no forcing or demands
placed upon thee
for only resistence
and pushing and pulling we see
We are
and so
we shall be….





Eyes heavy

Eyes heavy
like velvet curtains draped across french windows
block the bright sunlight
for dark eyes
too bright..
bedding ruffled
sheets lay crumpled
feathers from the pillows
float on the morning breeze
an arm raised
moving with such ease
eyes heavy
too early to awake
back into slumber
lights out
half baked
Lights seeps into the room
curtains billow softly in the evening breeze
dance onto the veranda
moving like a panther
slick and with such ease
in stillness watching
as the sunsets
sinking deep into the horizon
sinking deep into the darkest depths
eyes heavy
the souls windows remain closed
breath steady and slow
back into a deep slumber
away i go….