If we are finite

what are we

simply existence

existential beings


Feeling everything

and yet feeling nothing at all

pull in close

curl up into a ball

The light shines into the night

the sky in pure darkness

but the stars shine bright

we are limitless

yet imprisoned within our self made cages

spread your wings

and reach

the butterfly soars high

carried by the wind


disappearing into the clear nights sky

Nonsense and the rain

And then the rain began to fall

heavy and loud

with the wind a whisper

a call

it was the yin to the suns yang

bringing a cool breeze

a gray haze

the perfect end to this particular Saturday..

I lay and I listened

eyes half open

breathing in the cigarette smoke

not regretting a thing

still laughing at the private in jokes

another toke

as i philosophize

life is

no longer willing to generalise…

Truth or lies?

We are told to tell the truth

for to lie we are despised

there is proof…

But the truth one does not wish to hear

so we are forced to lie

through fear…

Speak the truth

even if I do not like what I hear

I will always be happy

because it is the lies

which I fear……

As a parent, the most valuable wisdom I can pass onto my child, is that to speak the truth is the most important, and not my truth, not my ideals, not what I want to hear, but the actual truth as it is to my child…



Funny how things change.

seriously, we say this

not realising that we are deranged

Of course things change

the beauty of life

to remain the same


in fact

be very strange…

Last year

these sounds I detest

this moment

right now

they sound simply



How strange

we continually change

never to remain the same….

I love change……….

One Step

All journey’s begin with one step
no matter if that step
is big
or small
be it mighty
or maybe tall….

the roaches 2

Let all be
just as it is
allowing to develop
in its own sweet time
my wish to be yours
and you to be mine
but not as a possession
just to hold
be it for a lifetime
or maybe for now
or until we are old
no forcing or demands
placed upon thee
for only resistence
and pushing and pulling we see
We are
and so
we shall be….





Eyes heavy

Eyes heavy
like velvet curtains draped across french windows
block the bright sunlight
for dark eyes
too bright..
bedding ruffled
sheets lay crumpled
feathers from the pillows
float on the morning breeze
an arm raised
moving with such ease
eyes heavy
too early to awake
back into slumber
lights out
half baked
Lights seeps into the room
curtains billow softly in the evening breeze
dance onto the veranda
moving like a panther
slick and with such ease
in stillness watching
as the sunsets
sinking deep into the horizon
sinking deep into the darkest depths
eyes heavy
the souls windows remain closed
breath steady and slow
back into a deep slumber
away i go….

Bare shoulders

I felt the breeze across my shoulders
the warmth of the sun kissed my bare skin
a brief second
a wide smile
that grew from within
crouched down
close to the earth
smoke a cigarette
and ponder my worth
as I watch the little ants
scurrying here
scurrying there
turn the song up
a favourite of the year
As i find my voice
open my mouth wide
i start to sing
in the distance
then a door bell rings

cielo? es el infierno….

Plain to see
or more complex, maybe
the sun and the moon
side by side
midway from the horizon
in the deep blue sky…
i cry
silent tears
mark my cheeks
into the ocean
I hear not
voices distant
don’t speak…
me no understand
what you show me
in this foreign land…
Donde esta el cielo,
porque esto es el infierno
the flames hot
burning my skin
who’s left
for I am in company of no kin
dare not look at the reflection
from the broken glass
this was
but yet
not crossing paths….


Whilst drinking my morning coffee and sitting on the back step listening to the summer morning sounds, I perused my phone and read articles of interest on one of the ‘mindful living/yoga’ websites. This is part of my morning ritual, and generally I find inspiration from the articles I read.
One of the articles I came across today really got me thinking about the ‘mindful/yogic/consciouness’ lifestyle, and how, as humans, even though we are attempting to be more conscious and to live with intergrity, we still somehow manage to fall into a trap of judging others because they have not lived up to out percieved expectations of how we feel they ‘should’ be. One could suggest that I myself, by writing this, am also falling into that. I make clear that this is not my intention. It is not my intention to pass judgement, or to attack, or disrespect the authors right to be able to write about what they choose.
It just made me think.
As human beings we are a species of judgemental creatures. Being able to pass judgement on a situation can keep us safe from harm. But passing a judgement about people because they have fell short of our expectations is really not doing anything beneficial in aiding our survival, nor does it enhance our lives.
I recently read one of the many books by Thict naht Hahn, and I remember a certain passage regarding two street acrobats. I am unsure of the actual passage and what was written, but from my understanding, the message was ‘ Do not concern yourself with what the other is doing, Just be sure that you are doing what you need to do, and the other makes sure they are focusing on what they need to do – and it will all turn out fine without incident – in this case the street acrobatic performance.
To bring this into the present moment, and in relation to the article i read, it seems to me that the judgement passed onto certain people, those who exploit, abuse their position of power etc, really isn’t required from those of us who ‘would not act or behave in these ways’.
Whom are any of us to judge? Whom are any of us to preach to others?
Do we not realise that as soon as we do those things we begin to seperate ourselves? We begin to percieve ourselves as superior to the inferior.

That’s not particularly ‘Yogic’ – but who am I to even pass that judgement? It is only my perception, and i guess, my expectation of Yoga/mindful/consciouness living.
We all possess the capability of acting from a place of darkness, from a place of ego and self-absorbtion. We are all capable of standing on others to get to the top. Some of us choose not to. Yet this does not put us in any place to condemn those who do, to categorise those whom act from a place of selfishness. Everyone is on their own path, and they have their own lessons to learn.
Light cannot exist without dark.